3M Ceramic Coating is long lasting and designed to be used on paint, glass, PPF, vinyl, wheels and plastic trim. When applied professionally, 3M Ceramic Coating lasts up to 5 years, creating a hydrophobic finish, decreasing surface friction and providing excellent water beading and water shedding. The high gloss shine seals in and maintains the ‘wet look’ of a new polish.

WeatherTech Floor Liners

Because of that we are proud to offer WeatherTech automotive accessories and 3M Ceramic Coating.

3M Ceramic Coating is a low VOC treatment that is durable and stands up to salt, acid rain, tree sap, bug splats and bird droppings. The extremely slick surface allows for easy removal of dirt and debris, keeping your paint looking newer longer.

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WeatherTech is the industry leader when it comes to perfectly fitting floor mats, laser measured and contoured individually for nearly every vehicle on the market.  WeatherTech’s All-Weather Floor Mats are intended to give the best possible protection for your vehicles floor and Fade II Black is your authorized dealer for this must-have interior accessory.

In addition to floor liners, we have access to a multitude of automotive accessories from WeatherTech and additional comparable brands.

3M Ceramic Coating

More than just window tint...

Taking care of your vehicle extends beyond Window Tint and Paint Protection Services...

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